Mere weeks — all that’s left before finding out how the world ended on June 6th, 1984.

We definitely share The Chinese Room’s excitement and anticipation in revealing what exactly befell quiet Yaughton Valley.

Part of the allure behind Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is exploring every nook and cranny throughout the valley and finding small yet personal details of its residents. In the midst of a larger and catastrophic event, players are drawn into finding out more and uncovering the story behind this close-knit community.

Creative Director Dan Pinchbeck and Environment Artist Alex Grahame took some time to discuss their thoughts on what makes Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture a uniquely British apocalypse.

North American fans who pre-order Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture between now and Aug 10th will receive this wonderfully crafted Dynamic Theme as a bonus — and if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you’ll be able to enjoy 20% off the pre-order price as part of PLAY 2015.



And good news to share for European fans looking forward to Rapture: this dynamic theme will also be available as a bonus with purchase during the first two weeks of release. EU PlayStation Plus subscribers will also be able to enjoy a 20% off discount within that period.

  • Phil

    I’m unable to pre order in the UK. Rapture isn’t showing up the Ps Store. Help?

    • Ray G

      It won’t be available to pre-order in the UK/EU – as an alternative incentive, the free theme will be made available for all ‘early buyers’ in Europe rather than pre-orders like in the US.

      • SonySantaMonica

        Correct – we’re also offering the 20% discount w/ PS Plus for the first two weeks after release in EU and other regions.