With Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture now available, numerous individuals have ventured through Yaughton Valley. More and more have made it to the end of story, but how each person interprets the road to the end and the ending itself has varied. Feel free to discuss your Rapture experience with fellow fans in the comments below. THERE WILL LIKELY BE SPOILERS.


  • SonySantaMonica

    Let’s get the discussion started!

    1) What do you think happened to Kate as the story progressed?

    2) There’s just something about the birds…

    3) Did the event’s reach extend well beyond the cozy confines of Yaughton?

    • Dong Key

      1) My opinion is that she somehow accepted the Light/Pattern/Entity and either ascended or maybeshe got raptured and joined the others in the “collective consciense” that I think formed.
      2) Now I’m stuck. the curious thing about the birds is that they did not desintegrate like the humans did. They were the first affected but the light’s effect on them was differnet, it just killed them, it did not desintegrate them.
      3) It appears that the game suggested that the whole world was affected but given the fact that we do not see the proof we cannotsay for certain.

      • Lee Buckle

        my gut feeling is, the birds just died because they don’t have souls like humans do, the rapture entity absorbed mankind out of kindness because it saw death as way to bring a disconnected society together, to make them whole again, and it saw worth in their souls to collect them all together, and their bodies disintegrated leaving only soul traces, hence the lights and sparkles.

        The village was lost long before the entity came down through the black hole, a vicar who doesn’t feel God like he should, frank not moving on with the death of his wife, lizzie living in a loveless marriage, finds it again with Stephen etc etc, the entity saw this as mankind unhappy in life.

        Kate i feel became one with the entity and that’s why you see it through her eyes rather than Stephens, she accepts the entity willingly while Stephen fights it until the very last moment.

        • Lee Buckle

          it also looked as you entered Stephens Bunker that the entity was using the power lines to get around, i would hazard a guess that it used the powers lines and phone lines to leave the village and that the air strike really didnt affect it at all.

          this will be my second play through, and im already finding things i missed the first time, and i seem to evolve a different understanding of the story as i go, i tried to write a blog post, but have re written it 5 times already lol

  • Dong Key

    My interpretation is that Kate and Stephen brought the Pattern in Yaughton, which appeared through a Black Hole (this being the reason for all the clocks stopping at 6:07). The other thing is that you play as Kate after she somehow fusioned with the entity, which showed her the remnants of humanity (the leftover memories of people in the area). The Pattern is now a container of all humanity, a collective conscience (this is supported by the Jeremy and Charlie basement scene where Charlie sees all the townsfolk in the light before being desintegrated). The people are literally raptured and separated from the physical bodies, which is why the ending is actually a happy one because all of them were actually together in the end. Kate either ascended to a higher plane of existence or she was also raptured in the end. The simple and yet emotional stories of apparently insignificant people eventually led to The Event. All that drama, all those stories that happened in the past, led to Stephen bringing Kate in Yaughton, and what followed, the next set of dramatic scenes also led to that experiment. The coded message is a quote from Douglas Hofstadter, and the books you find in the game are about Chaos Theory, Lorenz system and the butterfly effect(minor things=usual family drama leading to major things=end of the world). Open to further discussion and changes.

    • SonySantaMonica

      Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts. Have you read the Station 52 content on the site? If so, do you think it alters the characterizations you have of Stephen and Kate or supports them?

      • Dong Key

        I just read them and I honestly do not know for now, I have to think it through a little more.

  • Adam West

    First I#d like to congratulate the team on such a unique type of story telling and like any good film as soon as soon as I finished it I scoured through the internet to soak up opinions to match my own and I discovered some really incredible thoughts that truly expanded my mind way beyond my own.

    One theory in particular that really caught my eye was that if this “Pattern/Entity” was dormant around the blackhole, it would stand to reason time wouldn’t be a factor to it, The Pattern has trouble finding death as an issue because time is arbitrary to it. So rapturing species is almost an act of kindness to it.

    That theory truly broke my brain into a billion pieces is such a fantastic way that I find it hard seeing it in any other way now.

    Credit goes to:

  • Andarilho

    I just finished it. I liked the pacing, but the ending was very frustrating to me. The whole game throws pieces and bits of information, and all I hoped was to see them all being connected in the end – and that didnt happen (and dont tell me its “about interpretation”, because there are things you need to say out loud guys… and show too). This whole game is a beautiful, awesome frame with no picture in it.

  • Stephen


    Do not read unless you have already finished the game and are replaying to explore!!


    Secret path to back end of many areas OUTSIDE THE GAME – back of Lakeside Holiday Camp, Haverton Waters, Valis Observatory, Appleton Farm, Tipworth Forest, Little Tipworth etc.

    Get to it from Windmill/River area on Appleton Farm and head south (see video).

    If you get too close to the areas (like Valis), it locks you in and the scene changes to that area (for Valis, it turned to night. For Lakeside, it started to rain as examples).

    You can get to the area that Kate and Lizzie had the conversation about Stephen in Lakeside – from Kate’s side! You can walk underwater in Haverton Water! You can walk around the entire map from the outside!

    Black Dog Run Valley in the middle of the map.

    It crashed hard about 3 “miles” south of Valis. Just stay relatively close to the treeline and it will not crash. Lots and lots and lots of areas to explore!


    Outside the game – Outside Valis Observatory from the south – by day


    Outside the game – Outside Valis Observatory from the south – by night


    Hopefully someone out there enjoys this secret path. Oh well, here are some more videos from outside the game.

    Little Tipworth train station – outside the game. On the other side of the police barrier.


    Tipworth Forest train station – outside the game. On the other side of the train crash.


    Yaughton police road block – outside the game. On the other side of the police barrier by the church.


  • Grant Warnke

    This maybe way off, but I will go ahead and give it a try. Also, I am by no means a physicist, but I minored in physics and am really interested in all the theoretical physics that is going on now days. So if I got something wrong scientifically, just bare with me. I am only familiar with over simplified versions of concepts because I can’t delve into the math.

    I think that the celestial event that occurred was a white hole forming. In the station 52 stuff, Kate explains in an interview that theoretically, an exit point to black holes could be white holes. So the pattern could theoretically be living in the black hole and be released when the white hole is formed.

    From Radio Transcript: Katherine & Stephen – Part 2
    “Katherine Collins: Unless you are thinking about white holes. Theoretically, if black holes are connected to white holes, then you have an exit point.”
    “KC (laughs): Well, it is a little far-fetched, but yes, it’s theoretically possible. But I’d have to say, to survive in such an environment it would have to be very alien. So alien that we might not even realize it was intelligent at all. We might not even recognize it as life. We’d have to redefine the term.”

    Somehow (maybe two black holes colliding, who knows), the white hole forms and causes radiation. Kate and Stephen detect this radiation in the form of radio waves through their telescopes, and amplify it. The amplification then causes the pattern to become, just whatever it is. I believe the waves they detect also have to do with the numbers that Kate is spouting off on the radio transmissions. Maybe its the data they received, and not really a code at all that everyone is trying to decipher. (It could very well be a code though, so do not let me deter you if you are trying to decipher it. I actually hope someone does find out what it means if in fact it is a code.)

    I also agree with previous commenters. If the pattern presided in a black hole for a long time, time would not be relevant to the pattern. That is why all the clocks stopped at 6:07, at the time the event occurred. In reference to the living frame of the pattern, time does not exist. When it enters earth, we are now present in its reference frame, so the clocks stop. Anyways, the pattern goes around “rapturing” everyone. But I agree with mostly everyone on the rapturing. The light is actually allowing people to be at peace. It is taking the chaotic and disconnected world and simplifying it. Oddly enough, that is exactly what a white hole does. One of the reasons white holes do not exist in our known universe is because they violate the laws of thermodynamics which state that the net entropy (disorder) of the universe can either increase or remain constant. A white hole causes a decrease in entropy, kind of like the light extinguishing disorder in the world and bringing everyone together. It forces the main characters that we interact with to face the cause of their pain and accept the choices they made in the past, whether it be good or bad. This puts their minds at ease and lets them slip away in peace. Where they slip away to? I am not sure. I think maybe it has to do with their body’s being extinguished into ash, with their souls being left over and transformed into the same type of light. After transforming into the light, they can ascend to higher dimensions of living that we cannot perceive where maybe heaven exists.

    As the story progresses, we see Stephen become the fox from the story he tells about his dad when you enter the bunker. Stephen does not understand that the light is trying to help people and let them be at peace. The light is trying to brig everyone together. Because of the bi-product that the pattern produces in people (the headaches, nosebleeds, hemorrhaging, etc.), Stephen thinks that people are actually suffering. He believes the only way to save the world is to kill the village. He is doing this because he doesn’t understand the light, like the fox bit him because the fox didn’t understand he was trying to help. Kate is right all along, she is able to communicate with the pattern and become one with it.

    The only thing I cant work into my theory is the Lorenz attractor we see everywhere. It is what we call the butterfly effect, and has to do with chaos theory. Basically, it states that the behavior of dynamical systems is heavily sensitive to its initial conditions. Small differences in initial conditions, like rounding errors, cause a drastically different outcome. This means that a certain behavior can only occur under the perfect initial conditions for said behavior. This would mean its future condition is fully determined by its initial conditions. The problem is, the nature of this systems makes it impossible to predict its future states. This is what we call chaos. “Chaos: When the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future.” We use these systems for the global weather system since they are so complex. The cool thing is, a butterfly flapping its wings in China could potentially cause a tornado in Oklahoma. This is why they call it the butterfly effect. They also call it that because there are certain conditions that allow the lorenz attractor to look like a butterfly.

    Since the Lorenz attractor looks like a butterfly, I can’t tell if they just put it in the game for symbolism because it looks like a butterfly or if it actually ties into my scientifically theoretical explanation. I don’t really have an idea of who the player is either. I am still trying to think about things and work them out. But I do agree with other commenters that the light reaches the rest of the world after Yaughton. Stephen fails to stop it because you simply cannot stop it. I also think all the birds bodies weren’t turned to ash because the birds had no burdens and they weren’t disconnected, they were already at peace. Therefore, the light didn’t have to take as long with them as it did with the humans. Maybe the lingering of the light within people (infecting them) manifested more energy or something and consequently turned people to ash when their souls left their bodies.

    Anyways, I am really reaching here with these theories but for some reason it makes sense in my head. I loved this game because I have only really played shooters. But this game showed me what games really can be. It is so different, unique, and leaves you thinking about it long after you have finished it. There is so much room for interpretation. I have never played a game this thought provoking. People who bash it just don’t understand it, and are too lazy to appreciate it’s underlying depth and complexity. This game has made a new fan in me of whatever genre this is. Well done!

    • SonySantaMonica

      This is awesome, thank you for sharing – and your theories are pretty reasonable. 😉

  • mrrip

    What about numbers you get from phones and TV? Are they intended to be decoded or they in the game just for flavour?

    • SonySantaMonica

      There’s something to decode there…

  • StrikeX21

    I last replayed this game 4 months ago. I have been reading the articles on this website and I may have an idea. As you approach the speed of light, time slows down and people red-shift out of view. Disappear, to be more precise… I know it’s a small clue, but I think it’s a significant one.