Andrew Crawshaw, Lead Designer

Charlie’s loyal and always looking out for other people – he may not be the sharpest mind in the valley, but when the world is ending, those qualities can be overrated…

Stephanie Rickwood, Operations Manager
My favourite character is Frank. I think he has hidden depths, and he must be pretty formidable to have put up with Wendy as a sibling.

Foucauld Escalliet, QA Technician
Probably Wendy – she can be all giddy and excited, but her disapproving comments and the way she holds a grudge remind me of my grandmother…

James Watt, VFX Artist
My favourite character is Frank because he’s down to earth, deals out advice to everyone and I like what happens over the course of his story with the moving realisations that he comes to about his past.

Stuart Yarham, Lead Programmer
Lizzie – all the characters demonstrate incredible resolve in one way or another, but I think Lizzie might be super-human.

Alex Grahame, Environment Artist
My favourite character is Wendy. She’s straight talking, rash and unforgiving. Her small community mentality is chillingly authentic and believable.

Rich Court, Environment Artist
My favourite character is Rachel. Even though she is only in a small section of the story it’s really inspiring seeing someone so young handle the events so well – taking control of the situation and putting everyone else before herself.

Jessica Curry, Composer & Studio Director
My favourite character is Wendy. People have really visceral reactions to her; some absolutely loathe her, but I admire her strength, her fortitude and her wonderful sense of mischief. She is complex, believable and is so beautifully played. I loved writing her musical theme because it reveals her hidden, gentler side.

Dan Pinchbeck, Creative Director
Either Stephen or Kate. Kate’s really complicated – strong, passionate, incredibly smart, but also difficult, obsessive and distant. What happens to her is the centre of the story and it’s both tragic and wonderful. And Stephen is probably the most flawed character of them all, but there’s something in the mistakes he makes that I think we can all relate to. We might not want to admit it, but there’s a bit of Stephen in all of us.