• Botskiz

    I think it’s something asking “What’s in my brain?”

    • SonySantaMonica

      Interesting take!

  • DexLargo

    So, I ran the sound file through spectrogram software, it’s clearly an image, but I’m not sure of what. Do you have recommended analysis settings to clarify it?

    Otherwise, based on the vague shapes I can see, I guess that it shows the scene of Stephen in the bunker – just the chair with either ‘light’ or flames spreading out on the left and right of the chair and some vague shape above the chair, which if I’m correct about what everything else is, I assume is Stephen ascending in the rapture. Am I close?

    • SonySantaMonica

      You are brilliant, sir.

      • Noah Seymour (Atomic snail)

        isnt that the bunker at the end?

    • shea241

      it looks like a signpost between two fences / bushes.

    • shea241

      Or, a person standing in fire (taking up most of the frame, wearing a black shirt with a design on it)

      • DexLargo

        You used logarithmic analysis. I don’t think that’s right. Also, the Sony people basically confirmed that my interpretation was correct.

  • Retzudo

    Okay…this noise is driving me mad. On the one hand we can see *something* when viewing the spectrogram. On the other hand it sounds like some voice, but distorted. Like we should be able apply some filters and get a clear voice. Both explanations seem to make sense…but not quite enough sense to be more than abstract things.

    The spectrogram shows something — but it’s not clear what.
    The audio almost sounds like a voice — but we can’t understand a word.

    Is anybody still reading these comments?