Launch Trailer

  • RiseUp44

    Absolutely amazing,!!! The music in this trailer gave me the chills. The Game looks great from what I have seen so far.

    • SonySantaMonica

      Glad you’re looking forward to it…only a few days left!

      • Blue_Horizons

        Alright, 2 days left. I. AM. SO. EXCITED. Can’t pre-order because I’m not in US 🙁 Gonna get it as soon as I see it on the PS store… I have so many questions… Great game guys.

        • SonySantaMonica

          Game is rated M, so it would be the equivalent for the country or region that you’re in. If the questions aren’t spoiler-worthy about the story, don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂

  • Sean Lumly

    I just finished Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, and I must say that I loved it.

    Rapture’s strongest point of differentiation is its stunningly crafted narrative: this is literature given form, eschewing the obvious structure and cliched characters that plague the medium. It deserves accolades for this accomplishment, doubly so for accomplishing this in an open-world and in a non-linear way!

    It provides hope that this most expressive medium of entertainment (ie. video games) can shake its association with deplorable stories, and that otherwise mundane settings or non-fantastical characters can be made to be extraordinary. This is a groundbreaking step in demonstrating a world of storytelling beyond typical save-the-planet narratives.

    Few games have touched me as deeply and no others have had my neurons ablaze upon conclusion considering the crafted reality and the myriad perspectives of those that fictionally experienced it. I will be playing through it a second time starting tomorrow, as well as beginning a trophy hunt.

    This is sci-fi at its very best. Bravo.

    PS. The soundtrack is second to none and the acting is *amazing*. The graphics are generally excellent with well structured scenes, and nice models and materials. My only critique is involving the graphic effects: it would have been nice to suppress the motion blur during slight motion (eg. walking) as it masks the convolution sharpen filter which can then only be enjoyed when standing still. The screen-space reflections and ambient-occlusion could have been replaced with good effect as there is a lot of artifacting near the screen edges (though this is masked a bit by the somewhat strong vignette).