6th June: The world ended thirty-one years ago on this day.

The valley of Yaughton sits empty. Overlooking the sleepy village, the Observatory buildings sit silently, the gates locked. Cars are abandoned by the side of the road. Doors sit ajar and washing hangs uncollected on the lines. Phones ring unanswered. There are voices on the line and static on the televisions; strange lights dance in the woods and the churchyard. Children’s toys and abandoned suitcases litter the station platform where they have been dropped. Everything is still. Everybody has gone.


The answers to the mystery are all here. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing exclusive game material – music tracks, screenshots, behind-the-scenes footage, development diaries, and fiction written specially for this site – which will help orientate you to the state of emergency and prepare you for your journey into the apocalypse.

chinese_room_twitterThis game has been a real labour of love for the past three years. We’ve been lucky to work with a small team of incredibly talented and passionate developers to craft an experience we think is unlike anything else. We hope you enjoy exploring the mystery of Yaughton Valley as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.

Dan & Jessica, The Chinese Room

  • StaalOntwerp

    This is the kind of game I will probably buy a PS4 for.

  • Noor Ahmed

    Great! Waiting for the game and Thanks sony for making unique games like this. Keep up and give these kind of diversity so everyone can enjoy and experience games.

    • ickles

      That made no sense. By letting Sony buy their souls, they have limited the audience.

      • Noor Ahmed

        Sony has audience who play these games and they funded game so their users can enjoy their PS4 but not to service other platforms. If anyone wants to play this game(and many more new experiences) then get PS4.

      • leeTronix

        Your comment made ridiculous lack of sense. Another couch critic, a nice well done would sufficed. I guess if you were going to make a game just like that you would have signed up all the major players pfft just like that. You make it sound like this is a given all easy peasy do actually understand how involved it is before you even put fingers to keyboard??. Its real cash, real investment and hardworking people who wish it was poof and all done, its not play land (no pun intended).

  • greenbudman


  • jajunior

    You are turning back the whole community that made you famous. Too bad. Money talks always. I would love to play this game on PC. Too bad for me…

  • DeBriefBarbie

    Thanks for making this – truly looking forward to experiencing it!

  • Disco Dream

    Looking forward to this!

  • Joe Hamilton

    can’t wait –

  • Chris Nichol

    I hope this is on PC too – Otherwise I’ll end up having to splurge on a PS4 sometime soon.

  • Three years?

    Wow! It’s incredible that so much hard work went into making something that myself – and many others – will play soon.

    I have to say that this PS4 release is hands-down one of the titles I’m MOST looking forward to playing + streaming.

  • leeTronix

    Looking forward to this and it is refreshing to sense a group of software gaming engineers actually come across genuinely passionate and not just full of PR rubbish, on that basis they deserve my cash.

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